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Chitra Sharma

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When going to trailheads don’t leave anything of value in your car and zip with addresses on them. Take your car registration with you when you hike so that isn’t stolen and your car then taken later somewhere else. Make sure it’s locked up regardless of a patrolled parking area or how many cars there are around or people meandering around. Some people who hike over days will take their spark plugs wires (marked so they can attach it correctly), remove a startup fuse, put their battery in a metal box and bury it somewhere, lower one or more tires — and pump up later with a pump they have or carry with them, remove a battery cable from one or both terminals of the battery. There are bunches of things to do to safeguard a car and your identity. Of course, the crooks know some of this, but usually the smart ones aren’t in the remote areas.

You’ve already found some of the hiking sites and you can talk to others to see what they do. Consider the ten essentials even for a day hike. Too many think their smartphones will get them found if they get lost. Most smartphones can’t connect to anything whether you are in the high mountains and even in certain areas around a metropolitan area.

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