I Got Rejected By the Medium Partner Program
Christopher Daniels (Notorious DCI)

Medium really isn’t where you come to get paid, but rather where you come to read what others have written, where you can practice your writing, post your stories, and to get comments on your stories and reply to real people that you might engage with for a bit.

When you are ready to expect and hope to get paid…..this is when you’ve posted bunches of stuff all sorts of places online and off such that someone notices and inquires, someone you pitched to that you want to notice what you wrote in hopes they’ll offer you some work — volunteer or paid, to getting an offer to pay you for your copy or to write bunches of stuff for them on a continuous basis.

And while Medium does have writers who are paid by folks other than Medium and may also get paid by Medium and who have history of being noticed for what they write….that appears to be target Medium goes after to pay to post their copy here. And I suspect Medium goes after targets that win them points with investors and for how they, if they, sell trend data.

The difference tho between Medium and the typical publisher is that Medium is this blogging platform where anyone can put down a blog ‘story’ regardless if they are known or not. And that’s the beauty of Medium that many of us are grateful to be part of.

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