One picture of his in particular seemed to be grabbing everyone’s attention
Stop Taking Pictures. Start Taking Photos.
Rob Moore

Next time you go to a gallery and see people giving approval comments and expressions….ASK what they like and how they know the artist. You’ll find that most going to a gallery isn’t your person off the street who knows nothing about the artist. Yes, photographers are artists. The pictures you showed don’t look natural. It’s obvious it’s this artist’s bent. Some will like what he produces and others not.

If you want to get good at photography learn your camera, take a zillion pictures and study them along with having taken notes of your camera settings. You’ll get much further along doing that then studying the greats of the world of photography. The goal should be to develop your own style. You can learn from the greats, but don’t become them. You can’t anyway. Learn how to edit either for your personal use or to sell to a certain kind of audience. You’ll find either way is a ton of work to develop one’s craft. OR……just take pictures and screw what anyone else thinks about them.

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