So, don’t waste your time keeping your ideas tucked away in a safe hiding spot…unless you actually want nobody, including your potential customers, to ever see them.
6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Entrepreneur
Josiah Humphrey

Pretty obvious you don’t know hardly anything about patent law, intellectual property, non-disclosure agreements that are legally binding, Asian companies who copy regardless of laws in other countries, Dark Web entrepreneurs, or hackers.

Protecting one’s product IP is paramount to compete successfully in any marketplace.

I worked for a company, for example, where we were ready to have our product lines manufactured and turn-keyed by a contract manufacturer with more than thirty equipment manufacturing houses worldwide. We, at the advice of the contract manufacturer, orchestrated the manufacturing through that contractor and with our suppliers and distribution channels to give us a best guess scenario of market penetration before Asian companies would start putting out their illegal copies.

Every company is responsible to not just use legal means to protect their IP, but also to protect the IP of those patented products owned by other companies they may be using in their product. Otherwise the cost can include a company folding and landing themselves in a court of law for violations.

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