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The 52-Week Writing Challenge
Stella J. McKenna

Sounds too much like WA: Writer’s Anonymous.

In my book if you want to be a decent writer DON’T do this. Rather write because you want to write and on topics you wish to write about….not just one “thing”. Take the time to think about what you are going to write about. Outline, take notes, do some research, take the time if you think it’s needed to chat about what you want to write or some part of it with others, check some how-to and books and articles on writing about your topic and for the development of it, do that sketch writing, work it and work towards what you find you want to write till you are ready to release it to others. Don’t write as if you are a deadline — you’re not. Don’t write crap. Consider rather your quality. If what you are writing isn’t ready to be released ….don’t release it till it is regardless of the time.

Writing for 52 weeks might make you feel like you are keeping up with the Joneses, but writing on your terms is way better. You’ll write better works.

I remember reading an article on Bob Dylan where he was pushed hard by his promoters to write a bunch of songs under extreme pressure for three years. His response was that he thought those three years were the worst songs he ever wrote.

Think about your time to put what you want to write together, the time you’ll spend chatting with others about what you are attempting to write, the time you take to edit towards a finished piece, the time you take away from the rest of your life and responsibilities. Be realistic. Be concerned about the quality of your work. Writing shouldn’t be a sprint.