The Forest is On Fire Dear

source: pexels, CCO License

You can’t take that. What if the rescue people see that? 
The forest is on fire dear. 
I know, but what if you have that when they put Mrs. Miller in the truck. 
Where do you think I got it from?
No, no. You didn’t get it from her. 
Now help me pack. We gotta get out of here. 
Alright then fine.

Where the hell is the truck?
How should I know. 
It was just out there. I’m all packed. Where I am gonna put all this stuff?
Come on let’s put it in the car. 
I thought you told me last night it was low on gas. 
The forest is on fire dear. 
Yea, well if we don’t have enough gas we’ll never get out of here. 
Get in the damn car Mildred.

Damn it Bob that was a stop sign and you just went right through it.
The forest is on fire dear. 
You get caught this time I’m not bailing you out.
In case you haven’t heard the police department burned down early this morning. 
They’d probably take you to county this time around. 
Good. I have friends over there. 
Not like they gave a damn last time. 
Ah come on Mildred give it up.

What are you slowing down for?
I forgot something. 
Oh no, you’re not turning around are ya?
Nope. Just stopping here at Dave’s house or what’s left of it. 
Bob didn’t you just say the forest is on fire?
It’ll only take a minute. 
Well make it quick. 
You want me to leave the radio on?
Yes please. 
That’s what you pulled over for?
Yep. I’ll put it the trunk. 
No you won’t. I got our clothes back there. 
Fine. I’ll strap it the hood of the car. 
What if the fur catches fire?
What fire? Oh you mean back at the forest line?

Where in the world are we going?
I know a short cut. 
A short cut? I thought that road washed out last season?
They fixed it.

Hold on honey I gotta make the turn. 
Jesus Mildred what now?
Spill it out Mildred for crying out loud. 
Bob look out…..

Try again. 
I don’t think she’s quite ready yet. 
Let me try. 
Mildred dear can you hear me? It’s Andy. 
Andy? Where’s, where’s Bob?
Oh no, no. He has to be here. 
I’m so sorry Mildred. Your Bob didn’t make it. 
…..No, no, no….oh God please……
Are you sure? 
My clothes. 
You’re lucky to be alive Mil. But don’t worry the doc says you’ll pull through.

Go to bed? Why it’s only nine o’clock. 
Well we go to bed early in this house. 
I know you said that, but nine?! 
Come on Mildred you can sleep in my room.

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