6 Costly Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Time Entrepreneur
Josiah Humphrey

The real story of little Josiah is here. Josiah gave up his childhood and typical teen years for the path of money. And it was clearly not all rosy as he might have readers here believe.

Not to mention how much different the Australian business world is and growing up in Australia is by comparison to that of the United States.

Guys like the Josiah don’t last long in business as their run quickly catches up with them either by family ruin, financial ruin or a mental collapse, or total burn-out at some point. While I hope none of that happens to him — because he must be doing what it takes to keep going at such a pace, his path is not one I would recommend to my worst enemy and certainly not to any startup.

And he’s only experienced in one real company and one industry — software. He technically can only speak on what he has learned in his startup since he hasn’t done any other startups.

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