These medications don’t tend to provide immediate relief, they are normally taken for a few weeks before any benefits are noticed.
Medicating Anxiety: Should I take Anxiety Pills? Pros, Cons, Side Effects, and Consequences
Dr Matt Lewis

These are another set of drugs that for many they are on them for the rest of their lives…..and where dosages are constantly adjusted, patients are switched to other drugs in this family of such drugs that play into the latency for each of them. They place a person a ride for life that in the end will often cause more harm than good. But doctors love to put you on them ….they guarantee them bunches of visits and more medical costs. The question to ask is who really benefits from taking these — the patient or the medical and insurance industry.

Not saying they don’t help, but have the balls to do some of the research, read the journals, and load up on the information that it out there to educate you so you know what to ask your doctor and can determine on your own what you would like to start, stop, or take or knock off and try another route. You’re smart enough to cross reference like you did in school, look up terms, learn a bit of what all the jargon means. And ask around, read up on testimonies from people who have taken such meds. Become informed about your health. Ask for other opinions.

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