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Mooseplaining Max

“unless they explicitly asked” — I don’t play this game. If the world actually believed that line we’d all still be in the dark ages “eating bushes” and seeking out the ‘one tooth saber tiger with a lisp’.

“this is her livelihood’ ….yeah right….she’s come to the SF Bay Area that might as well be called the ‘SF Harassment Area’! She doesn’t get points for being naive. She’s young. She’ll get another job. She posted her story online….did you think of that risk? Nope. Stop being her baby.

If folks want change in the valley they will have to work harder at it. If it costs them….that’s the way it goes if the cost is the payment for a better valley. She apparently thinks the cost is that payment well worth it. The rest of us need learn from her ability to have enough guts to SCREAM BLOODY MARY!! UBER needs a wake up call….and they are getting it.

Look folks are getting their cars set on fire for having a bumper sticker on their car that says “Trump for President”. She posted here….she’s well aware of the backlash she will get, but she felt it was important enough of an issue to make a public statement and explanation. She knew of others, while working at Uber, who have suffered. I am sure they aren’t all so dense as to not have heard about the EEOC nor so college educated as to be a a complete idiot when they graduated. You don’t get points for being naive nor cuddled because of your age. She was smart to post, daring to buck the system of corporate fear and employee enslavement.

“yourself has never had to deal with” — This is pure assumption, you didn’t ask and you’re wrong. I have, and have put friends of mine through the EEOC process. I’ve been told by groupie mentality managers I’d never be able to work anywhere ever again in tech. We must not forget that MEN of any color get harassed day and day out in companies, at interviews, on the daily job. THIS problem is not just a women’s issue. Just look at the PIP process that management uses to ‘give the poor employee another chance’!

And actually if you care so much….you speak up, without asking your bloody insecure audience, by posting your rattling cry here online….like she did. She told the world ‘I don’t give a flying fuck what you insecure in Inter-gnats land think of my rant here, but I’m not going to allow the ‘fear gang’ that includes Uber corporate to run my life nor my future and should you’!

Posting and being very direct is how things get changed. If people aren’t pissed off they aren’t motivated enough to make change. If you follow the protocol….change takes enough time that no change gets made before there are many more victims. Just look at the raging trillions dollar debt situation in this country. That happened because people haven’t been motivated enough to fix that. Women have the problems they have, as do men, because they haven’t out slammed their foot down enough to cause an earthquake big enough to take down a corporate structure and a heinous culture…..but she is making that attempt to start that impact.

NOBODY should have to put up with the sexual harassment at any company. If that means battling them out on the net….if that means ‘getting real’ and ‘getting out of the fear racketeering oppressive culture’, and means going up against the almighty big brother and ruthless corporate structure with its damning culture and worthless HR departments and waking up the insecure walking dead….then “that’s what you do”….lizard and all.

Next to the court system and federal agencies and diplomatic routes of influence the Internet is the new court, judge and jury by not just 12 jurors and 1 judge, but a world of netigans who will use the networks to make change that all these companies THINK they can manipulate into revenue. What you do in Vegas stays in Vegas, but still gets recorded and archived on the Internet for all the world to see or bid on when it becomes important and necessary to gain access. She used Medium because it’s a great access point for millions to take notice.

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