You know, I had a hard time at that age, and my mother was a stay-at-home mom who was totally…
Mônica Dias

When a parent chooses only to deal with the fallout and not what brought it on you have a parent who clearly isn’t ‘there’ for the child. They are there to act only if there are problems. Good parenting acts before problems can arise in the hopes they either don’t or can be more easily handled. Yea, it’s not a perfect process, but it’s better than letting a child do basically whatever they want including dropping out of the child-parent relationship. No where in this article of this parent did she way anything about raising her child. What she did do was talk about what she did in the aftermath of just being around.

Granted in the best of families there can be issues. No family is perfect thankfully as perfection can be a bit of a burn to live for. There needs to be some sharing of independence and living to some rules and acceptance of given freely guidance and certainly creating an atmosphere of being loving and working the issues out. I just didn’t get the idea that this mom wanted to show any responsibility on her part other than how she dealt with the problems. She might as well been the guardian for parents who are too busy to be in their child’s lives.

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