Face Off: WordPress vs. Medium
Chris Jones

Whenever I see a company site these days it’s almost always based on a Wordpress or compatible template. I’d go as far as guessing Wordpress is behind most of the company sites out there. Their templates are that useful and that impressive. It’s also a breeze for the hard core company website designer and the maintenance folks to manage the sites, edit them and use bunches of Wordpress tools. I think Wordpress started the whole template pro look market. They’ve certainly inspired folks to come up with templates to ease what used to be hellish to do at the HTML level. For myself, however, I find Wordpress a bit tidious to use because there are so many options avaliable. I have one Wordpress site and still haven’t finished it. Well, it’s not that important really. I was just looking for a way to communicate to my doctor on how I manage my diabetes. I found the experience tho interesting, but not enough to do bunches of blog work on Wordpress.

For my own company site I use blogger.com. It’s far easier and simpler than Wordpress. I like the limited options. I was able to design the site quickly and with fewer headaches than using Wordpress or Medium. I also use blogger for a number of non-professional sites such as The Guides and Spirits site on my chosen spiritual path. I’m pretty proud of what I have been able to do using blogger. My sites have tabs! Oh yeah! And I can knock out completely anyone from attempting to make a comment. I wasn’t interested in getting readers, users, whatever. I enjoy that idea of blogging as a way to have a place on the net. I do understand tho that building community is important if the data is that useful for a company vision. Tho I’ll be honest I think a lot of community building is fluff that doesn’t actually equate into sales. I’m glad I don’t have to put up with that whole community building online sort of thing.

Medium — truly aweseom for writing, relatively clean, simplicity not half bad, tho I’d like to see more how-tos. When I built my first publication it was a bit difficult. So much of the information on how to do it was either out of date or not applicable for anything other than doing it on an Apple computer. I had to fish for a lot of the info I needed to build the site. I do like how it came out tho, but I would like more control over the layout. I can hope that will come later.

The nice things about Wordpress and blogger is that both have access to HTML if one so wishes to have that access to make changes. I’ve used it. It’s a little bit of a hassle. I’ve done some intranet site html work years ago. I can say I am glad I don’t have to code like that anymore.

On Medium, I do love the community communication through the commenting one can do on Medium stories and how comments can be branched out into a number of communication threads. There is a lot to read. I like the bookmarking to read later or just to save. I’d like to categorize what I save to read later — I’ll guess I could write a story to do that and just reference it as needed.

I’m glad you went through the ‘consider what to use each for’ process. That’s key for sure. I blog mostly for fun and using the blog platforms for placeholders. I think if I were to have a very pro site tracking everything, organizing the data and structuring through it to rev up a company into the desired revenue streams and customer reach goals I’d use Wordpress because it’s so well-established, blistered to death, well supported, and that so many have made compatible tools for it. I’d then take on Moz for SEOing it to perfection, Pendo to manage the users, and Falcon Social to exact the build of the community toward sales.

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