Freak Show Hype: Mayweather vs McGregor

“What time??”

“9…I think, but they don’t walk down until around 11.”

I hung up the phone and turned my attention to Ariel Helwani in a vacant room, slightly dejected at his missed opportunity to interview “Sugar” Rashad Evans.

The media room, abuzz with sports celebrities was now traveling en masse to the weigh-ins, where we would witness a half-drunken crowd elated at the proposition of a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle.

I changed to a different live feed, watching as the camera panned back and forth across the sea of anticipation.

In typical McGregor fashion, he stepped on the scale carrying the gleam of a feral wildcat.

“153 pounds!”

One pound under the limit. He would soon balloon up to 170 before the fight.

The attention shifted to Floyd, coolly walking down to do what he has done so many times.

“149.5 pounds!”

How confident is someone who comes in nearly 5 pounds under weight? We would soon see.

August is a crazy month in the south. Immersed in the summer heat, you’re always looking for something special to do. Most years it’s attending weddings and birthday parties.

Summer ’17 was a ride aboard the hype train straight into the heart of Vegas. The buzz seemed manufactured at first, but as the weeks wore on, it was clear that this fight wasn’t going to be a one-sided affair for either opponent.

Social media was abuzz with “Who you got?” posts, arguments about MMA vs Boxing, and pundits giving the nod to Mayweather after an early assault by McGregor. The sweet science is easier to predict in that way. A boxer has nowhere to go but against the ropes when fatigue sets in.

Knowing that McGregor was awkward and bigger, I was giving the nod to a possibility of a shocking finish from the starpower-infused MMA fighter at the expense of the aging but legendary pugilist.

Literally knocking the snot out of McGregor.

The hopes of many were dashed as McGregor, overflowing with fatigue, died on the ropes at the hands of one of the greatest to ever don the gloves. He simply could not continue, losing his endurance to a man who runs 10 miles in the mornings and lives in the strip club at 4 am.

Ariel Helwani interviews Floyd Mayweather at “The Girl Collection”

There is a lot of food to take away from this fight, and analysts will be chewing on it well into the fall. The main thing I found was a renewed interest in boxing, and a stark contrast to what many in the boxing community felt would be a one-sided affair that would leave Conor bloodied on the canvas.

What happens next? Do we see Conor kick it in the cage with Diaz? Does Diaz himself see the massive payday and bring his fanbase to boxing?

All I know is I enjoyed the hell out of this fight and if you did too, we all won.

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