Soldiers Lie Down, Put Themselves Ahead of Country

Imagine a President Hillary Clinton under investigation by the FBI for misusing email and playing loose with classified documents all back while she was still Secretary of State. Imagine, as President, Clinton then fires the FBI Director allegedly for his missteps at the tail end of the presidential campaign and uses a forced memo from a hand-picked, newly appointed senior staffer at The Department of Justice as her cover for doing so. Not less than 24 hours later, President Clinton then admits she fired the FBI Director for continuing to investigate her.

You can hear the chants now, “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!”

But the same politicians who would lead the impeachment hearings against President Clinton for obstruction of justice, a cover-up and abuse of power remain silent today in the face of similar steps by their Republican President. These are not stupid men (and they are mostly men). They are simply putting their career ahead of country. And at least 40% of the voters don’t seem to be bothered by that.

Just for a moment, imagine what would happen if we held our soldiers to the same standard to which we apparently hold our politicians? Time to go to war and risk everything? “No thank you,” would come the reply as they lay down their arms, “I might get hurt.”

I kid, of course. Soldiers put our country first — at all times. What’s terribly insane, therefore, is that we’ve elected to congress cowards who insist on putting their own personal success before the success and security of our country.

It’s said that we get the government we deserve — we elected these weaklings to congress and we enable them through our own incessant cheering for our own party over our shared country.

This is never more clear than last week than with the Comey disaster. Forget what’s best for our nation and the preservation of our constitutional democracy, across the Republican spectrum politicians asked themselves what was best for their career. For a moment, we saw the gears working above the heads of Republican politicians as if they were characters in a Looney Toon cartoon.

But no valiant men they, our current crop of elected officials didn’t risk getting a bad committee or office assignment, never mind the defunding of their favorite pet pork project for their district or state. They didn’t want to risk the ire of Fox News, the Koch brothers or that of Robert Mercer. The word bravery does not come to mind.

Come to think of it, I’d hate to see our congress people as first responders. Would Mitch McConnell run headfirst into a fire to save someone? I seriously doubt it. What about Paul Ryan or countless other Republican congressmen or senators? Given their silence in the face of egregious and possible illegal behavior on the part of the President, clearly not.

The hard facts are that the President just admitted to firing the head of the FBI because he (the FBI director) wouldn’t stop investing the him (the President). Add to this, the former FBI Director’s claim that the President demanded (but didn’t receive) a loyalty oath from him prior to his being fired. A loyalty oath? What country are we living in? And what happens if you swear fealty to our President and then break the oath? Is there a firing squad? The only loyalty oath our government officials should ever take is to the Constitution.

There’s only one group that can save us now. It’s the 40% of voters who still support the President. You alone must demand an Independent Counsel. Not to punish your president, but to secure our collective constitutional future. If the President has done no wrong, he has nothing to fear from an Independent Counsel and a proper investigation. Kind of like a random identity check — if you’re a US Citizen and have your papers in order, you’ve nothing to fear.

Even if you love President Trump and hate the Democrats with every fiber of your body, you should want to ensure that when the day comes — and it surely will — that a Democratic President with a Democratic majority in the congress missteps, that that President will be held accountable by both Democrats and Republicans. You should want to see our Constitution and basic precepts of separation of powers upheld. You should wave the flag of the United States of America and wear your patriotism on your sleeve.

Whether you love President Trump or not, it’s time we all put country before party.