Week 2 — UDI-Narwhal

This was week number two and we learned a lot of new concepts in Web Development. This week we learned about using position, z-index, function expressions, function declarations, hoisting, arrays, objects, constructor functions, the DOM, DOM manipulation, flex box, transitions, animations, and possibly more. Learning to remember everything is a challenge. However, knowing I have access to examples, cheat sheets and lecture material, as well as, extra help in SRC, is great. Not to mention, the almighty Google. I felt a wave of emotions this week, from excitement to depression, to achievement and success, to anger and confusion. I felt strong using Objects in class, managing positions in the nav, using flex box, and using animations and transitions. I could improve on functions, not feeling imitated by the DOM, and using if/else statements. I could also, learn or practice more on pseudo-coding, which I am going to have to practice more of. I am feeling very overwhelmed by the amount of what we learned and what is expected; knowing that I can’t go over something, such as, functions, after we’ve already gone over it in our lecture is unnerving. I know that we will eventually be using them more and I think that it will all bridge together, soon. I am also feeling unsure about JavaScript. I knew coming into this course, it was going to be a challenge everyday, but knowing that everyone else is almost on the same level is reassuring, too. We also created a racing game and have begun working on a tic tac toe game.

I had to remind myself the difference between function expressions and function declarations, and in doing so, I came across this article: https://gomakethings.com/function-expressions-vs-function-declarations/. In the article, they talk about the differences between the two and how hoisting is used. Seeing it written out, or hearing it, after learning about the differences between function expressions and function declarations, reinforced what I had learned earlier this week. For example, seeing this: The first example, function add() {}, is called a function declaration. The second example, var add = function () {}, is called a function expression, helped remind me of the difference. Function expressions do not hoist the arguments into the function. One thing cleared up, about one thousand more to go.