What Likely Happened to the Royalties for “Sugar Man”?
David Kronemyer

This is the kind of crap which pisses me off. Many artists of that time and era never make it to the level of success because of greedy record companies. Many artists never make it to the superstar status for there too many goddamn fingers in the pot. What ever label Rodriguez was on he never made the money which was owed to him period. You could say, the fate is this young man at the time was determined by one bad concert — However it’s more than likely he didn’t want to deal with all these money grubbing assholes. He is a modest man but like Muhammad ALI the best years of his life — possibility performance wise road into the sunset long ago or were missed out because of another entity (record label) i.e. person. I am glad Rodriguez is back — in the end there needs be retribution across the board for all of these record labels. Right now it’s just a finger pointing game.

  • Much Love Rodriguez — Your LOYAL Fan! God Bless!