My first blog.

I have been keeping a journal since 2008. That was the year when I reached a level of career success that I always aimed for. That was also the year the Great Recession started and made running a company a very real and scary experience. For the first time in my life, I went through levels of anxiety and worry that I had never experienced. Aside from the loving support of my best friend, my wife, that journal was my counseling, my balance, my Xanax. The economy got better, nobody died, all worked out fine.

I have a pretty good life. Great family, health, interesting career, all the “stuff” I could ever want. But, my journal continues to be my most prized physical possession. It has served as a place to record thoughts, moments, observations. Moleskine black classic. I now have filled 6 of them (actually lost one of them on a plane so there is a gap, 2010–2011, that is gone forever).

I have decided I would like to write even more, to begin sharing some of my thoughts. Perhaps one or two people might read them, gain a grain of perspective, identify with this guy wandering through the department store aisles of life, sometimes focused, sometimes a bit lost. Always looking forward to the next day and what that brings.

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