The one and only John Pekar is a living legend himself. He is a legend because if their was a movie made of him he would have Steve-O play him. How many people would have Steve-o play them in a movie? Not many.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that he is an amazing person this will. He loves to play football and run track. He loves it so much that he does it everyday. If he isn’t doing these things he’s weight lifting. Who doesn’t love a guy that lifts weights?

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you he’s an amazing guy. This will. The most unusual thing he’s ever eaten was cow intestines. Now if you don’t like cow intestines you could have some Frosted Flakes, because if he could be any cereal box character he would be Tony the Tiger. Because he wants to be a tiger.

If none of those got you to think he is a walking legend then this will. If he could have a build board he would put his enlarged nostrils on it. Who else would do that? No one.

Now that I’ve explained myself you can see why John Pekar is the most amazing and legendary person ever to walk the planet.

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