Digital Transformation of Business and Society
Frank Diana

To validate the speed of technological change and its impacts referenced in this article I did a lot of research and linking about Exponential Technologies and continue to document them at

This rapid change is certainly no theory and the speed of change is shocking and continuing to accelerate (see the news feeds on the link above to see for yourself). Frank Diana’s article does a great job of getting us quickly to “what now?”.

My take is that the biggest question lies in the subtle quote:

We won’t just need better algorithms — we also need stronger humarithms i.e. values, ethics, standards, principles and social contracts.

Not sure of the right metaphor to highlight the criticality of the gentle statement above so I will pose a question instead:

If tools and technology get exponentially faster and the decision making and nature of the humans do not change, what happens then?

According to the author and his proxies, we will find out very soon. I would suggest getting in front of that is critical and not looking very likely.