Introducing @newsnerdbot for NICAR 2017

Journalist-geeks looking for the loo or their favorite session at a conference this week will have a new way to get what they need: Ask @NewsNerdBot.

It’s a quick-turnaround experiment from the Quartz Bot Studio for people at NICAR 2017, a computer-assisted reporting conference in Jacksonville.

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One Dad’s Guide to Minecraft

I was running through a forest, and it was getting dark. My hands were sweating and my heart was racing.

I was playing Minecraft and the monsters were ON.

My girls were running circles in the living room, screaming and worried.

“Get into the mushroom! Quick! Hurry, Daddy! Hurry!”

Ahead, I saw a giant red mushroom with white spots. Through their screams, they explained that I could punch a hole in its side.

“Get inside!” Then: “Pile dirt in the door! Hurry!”

Suddenly the room, er mushroom, was pitch black.

“Yay!” they cheered.

It was my first night playing the game, and it was past their bedtime. There was no way they were sleeping any time soon. The adrenaline in their systems would take time to clear. …


John Keefe

Bot developer & app product manager at @qz

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