50 Books — My reading goal for the year

My favorite reading option — Kindle Voyage

Over the holiday break, I was reading Senator Ben Sasse’s book The Vanishing American Adult. I quite enjoyed the book overall, though I do disagree with the Senator on a great many things. However, the one thing that I immediately took away was the his challenge of reading 100 books in a year. I haven’t come anywhere close to this number historically, and I don’t expect to this year. However, I am going to make my start down this path with a goal of reading 50 books this year — roughly one per week. Either way you look at the goal, it seems quite daunting to me. But it also seems worth doing.

To be fair, I read quite a bit now. I just do too much of it on Twitter and in quite-hit articles from online publications. I find that there is something altogether different about reading a full book on a subject, of wrestling with a difficult concept of topic for the several hours required to finish the book and deeply contemplating the examples and arguments. Too often we take the Cliff Notes versions of a great idea and don’t wrestle with the fullness of it — and I think good books do a great job of helping us dig deeper and get a better understanding.

I am particularly interested in reading histories. I’m right now finishing John F Kennedy’s book Profiles in Courage and have Winston Churchill’s The Gathering Storm waiting for me on my Kindle. If you have any advice for great books to read — history, biography, fiction, anything really — please let me know. You can see my current status on my march towards 50 and my Want to Read List here on GoodReads.

And now, back to my book….