My New Podcast Habit

In the last 6 months or so I have started listening to podcasts. I had alway wondered how people found time for podcasts and I found sitting and listening to podcasts a bit awkward. However, I’ve started listening to podcasts and I’m really enjoying it. I generally learn something really interesting and useful from the content and it’s a very engaging format. I’ve been really surprised by how much I enjoy podcasts.

One thing that’s really helped me get through a lot of content is having a podcast app that allows me to listen to podcasts at a higher speed. I currently use Overcast and love their execution that has both a smart speed feature (skipping music, silence, etc) and basic speed up. I’m currently listening at 2X with Smart Speed and it comes out to like 2.5X much of the time. That lets me get through an our long podcast in less than half an hour! With that speed, suddenly a 20 minute run or even just a 10 minute drive lets me get through quite a bit of content.

My list of podcasts is still evolving and I’m always interested in finding new content. My list tends to be heavy on tech and politics. Here’s what I’m listening to:

Let me know if there is another podcast I should check out — I’m always looking for great new content!