Kent State student sings her way to success

By Jessica Kemelhar

As sophomore year came around for Kent State student, Raegan Snook, she was eager to have a second chance at finding what would make college, “home”.

Last school year, Snook experienced the most disappointment she has endured in her nineteen years. She never believed that the unexpected would happen and would forever change her college career.

Snook auditioned for the Kent Clarks, an on-campus a cappella singing group. As a high school show choir veteran, the group was the biggest part of her high school life. She also participated in many different singing groups all through high school.

“Raegan was a great leader during high school,” fellow former show choir member, Abby Camiener, said. “She is an amazing singer and the younger members always looked up to her.”

Snook would constantly practice for her different high school groups. She believed that how much work she put in, the more benefits she would get out.

When her freshman year of college came about, Snook felt that everybody found something they loved to be a part of on campus, and she wanted that for herself.

“Freshman year, a lot of my friends joined sororities,” Snook said. “I didn’t know if that was for me or not, so I looked into singing groups, since that is such a passion of mine.”

Snook found that since it is not common for colleges and universities to have show choirs, she came across the singing group, the Kent State Clarks. The group sparked her interest because it was something slightly different than the show choir group she was a part of in high school.

Last year, Snook auditioned for the group. With confidence, she assumed she would be successful with her tryout.

“I knew that the group was competitive, but I assumed that with my past experiences and preparation for this audition, I would be lucky enough to be accepted,” Snook said.

Anxiously waiting an acceptance, she received an email from the Clarks a week after the audition. The email stated that they appreciated her time and her audition, but they decided to accept other candidates.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it, I was in complete shock and honestly devastated.” Snook said. “All I wanted to know was why I didn’t make it and what I could’ve possibly done better.”

Despite Snook’s disappointments, she realized that life would go on. It would soon pass, and Snook would move forward.

Then, sophomore year rolled around.

“I realized that I couldn’t give up,” Snook said. “I knew how bad I wanted to be a part of the Clarks. All I had to do was try out again and maybe this time would be different.”

Snook practiced more than ever. She made sure that she knew everything as perfectly as she could to prepare for a second chance at the Clarks.

“I got accepted the second time around,” Snook said. “It was the most amazing feeling.”

Snook says she would not trade this experience for anything and does not regret her journey. It has made her the person she is today, and with much strength and courage, she did not give up on the Kent Clarks.

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