My Life

My name is Josh Kern and I am a proud American. I was born in Evanston, Illinois to Dave and Monica Kern who later brought me back to the great town of Arlington Heights, Illinois. I have two brothers named Kevin and Joey and one sister named Danielle. Kevin is 21 years old and attends Concordia University Wisconsin. Joey is 20 and attends Illinois State University. My sister Danielle is out of college and currently lives in the city of Chicago. I attended St. James for elementary and middle school. At St. James I participated in basketball, volleyball, track and field, and cross country with my peers. After middle school I continued my schooling at Prospect High School and participated in Football before getting 3 concussions and having to join golf along with continuing my career in volleyball.

I chose this song because it tells me that even if you do something well, always stay humble and not boast about it. Also it says that you should always be kind to others if you want it in return.

On Friday night I was at the football game. It was very fun and the team got a big win.

Martin Wendell was my grandfather. He inspires me because he was a great football player who was a national champion and an all American at Notre Dame university.
Walter Payton played for the 85 bears. I am inspired by him because of his work ethic and his dedication to this team.
Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever live. I am inspired by him because of what he did for the city of Chicago and how good he was at what he did.

One dream of mine in life is to have good health. Without good health, it is difficult to live a fun and enjoyable life. Being sick would be a very tough thing to fight through and worry about constantly. This dream is not only for myself, but for all of my loved ones as well.

Many Americans believe that the more money that you have, the better your life will be.
Most Americans have a lot of pride in their country.
Food Is a necessity to life and many Americans chose to have what is not in this picture. They eat food that is worse for you.
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