Redux From Scratch (Chapter 3 | Implementing With React)
Michael Mangialardi

Can I have all the hours/days/weeks back that I logged doing all the react/setup environment/redux tutorials that cover too many topics at once and end up being full of errors that you can’t really tell are errors because you’re still learning? And end up feeling discouraged and overwhelmed?


Well, sh*t!

Thank you very much for offering up these topics in bite sized morsels. I have been fooling with react/redux for nearly six months. Redux always felt just out of reach. 3 good chapter sessions with this book has cleared up most of the fog that built up and discouraged me. Looking forward to dynamic data with Firebase and ME(R)N stack where I already have some good (non-redux) chops.

I very much admire you developers who can stay one step ahead of the curve and THEN write about it and teach it. The dedication and talent really shine thru.

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