“Let There Be Light!!”

Recently got fascinated with the magnitude of the sun and other stars bigger or smaller than it. There are an estimated number of over 100 billion stars in our galaxy. 1 million earths will fit into the sun yet; our sun is average in size compared to other stars in our own galaxy. The energy the sun gives off in 1 second is greater than all the energy consumed by mankind since Adam and Eve. Let that sink in. And to think all these came to be just with just four words “Let there be light”, a God so great and mighty that the expanse of our universe a billion light years large came into instant existence through four words from his mouth. Of all these uncountable stars in our own galaxy, not to mention the other 100 billion or more galaxies, it says in psalms 147:4 that God knows the exact number of stars and call each by name!!

Now, this same God, who knows each star by name, cares deeply about you to the extent that he knows the number of hairs on your head, he has known about you right from your mother’s womb. He cares ever so deeply about you, thinking night and day about you, directing your path, always attentive when you call to him, never too busy to come to you aid when you need him. Isaiah said he has inscribed my name on the palms of his hands. It’s actually mind blowing to try and reconcile such a big and mighty God who is so personal and loving to each and every one of us on different individual levels of personal loving relationships. This is what must have been going through David’s mind when he exclaimed “Who is man that YOU are mindful of him!!!”

This same God, who from for words created the sun as enormously fierce as it is and other stars bigger and brighter than it, gave us his word in form of the bible. The bible has 1,189 chapters in it, 31,102 verses and the King James Bible has 788,280 words. It is heavily packed with the same fiercely powerful potency of the same words that birth the sun itself. Isn’t that just mind blowing? The bible is the living, breathing word of God and when deposited in the heart of a man who is in Christ, the possibilities are endless. (Heb 4:12)

The potency of the word of God is clearly seen when Jesus was tempted in the desert. At his weakest, he used the raw power of the word of scripture, the very word of God to overcome the temptations of the devil. He is God on his own, why couldn’t he just say something else to shoo the devil. But he quoted already written scripture each time, and each time the devil couldn’t stand against him.

We have so much power in the words written in this book but the problem most of us have is we feel the bible is written by man and this type of reasoning renders its power useless. Even Jesus said in Mark 7:13 that we make the word of God of no effect (losing its power) through our tradition (outlook, thought process, philosophy). But all scripture is God inspired, God used the apostles and other men to write his words for us. These men did not write their own words, but the explicit/raw words direct from the mouth of God through the Holy Spirit. Only if we would understand this fact and then do like the psalmist said, Plant, hide, study, the word day and night, you will defiantly experience the transforming power of the word like many have.

My life has been transformed through the potency of just 8 words from it “I will never leave you nor forsake you” and BOOM!! under less than 45mins so many things that held me captive were totally gone. Joseph had only his dreams as the word of God for him and he went from the prison cell to vice president of the most powerful country then in which he wasn’t even a citizen. We have the whole bible containing thousands of promises. Jesus himself said not one dot of an ‘i’ nor cross of a ‘t’ or even a full stop will remain unfulfilled from this word of God (Matt 5:18) so if you stand on it, read it, study it, plant it in your heart your life will NEVER ever be the same!

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