People Have Their Uses

People have their uses. That’s a line from The Creation’s “Making Time.” Whatever we called hipsters before they were hipsters — whoever those people are, they’ll remember that song from Rushmore. (This was also when Bill Murray was getting ready to be really cool with Scarlett Jo in that movie, Jesus, what’s the name of that…Lost In Translation. Right. The one with “Just Like Honey” at the end after he whispers in her ear. That was a good one.)

People have their uses. When you lose your mind, you abase yourself before the altar of the everyday. You pray for a happy morning. Fuck, you pray for an uneventful morning. You want to eat a sandwich like a normal person. And you realize, in sad little increments, that for some you are more use than person. You are your role in their lives. And you wish with all of your heart and the burning bloody hole in your gut that you could shoot cannon fire into the heart of what you’ve become because then maybe, just maybe, just fucking maybe, they’ll remember you’re a person and not a number on the wall.

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