Tunnel Radio

This is for my man the King. 
From a second floor studio apartment three blocks into Chinatown, a man named Big runs the radio station that only picks up in the Callahan Tunnel.

He bought the station from a couple of winos he met in an alley near the Colonnade in 2009. That was a long night. Big took pulls on some kind of pipe. He was drunk, he didn’t know what it was.

The winos told him he could either get rolled or give them his last twenty. You can have the tunnel radio station, they told him as a crowd of archers and grapplers menaced him out the alley and towards the light. He threw the twenty behind him and guess what, he bought a radio station.

Two weeks later he decided to quit his job. He would keep smoking and his voice would get better and better for radio. Like hot oil crackling through a collander of stones. This is Tunnel Radio, that was what he was going to start saying.

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