How to Help Top Female Athletes Bridge the Pay Gap in the World Cup

J. Kelly Hoey
Jul 13, 2015 · 2 min read

The economics of salaries paid to professional athletes defies rational, economic sense. But a lot about the pursuit of physical excellence defies common non-athletic sense.

In my latest post on I look at the pay, sponsorship and prize money chasm between men’s and women’s sports — and come up with three action items below which fans can do to help close the chasm (you can read the entire piece, including insights from an elite athlete who lead the first all women US team up Everest and a 2x Olympic team member and silver medalist in 1984, here):

Fund an athlete’s dream on one of the growing number of crowd-funding sites focused on funding athletic achievement.

The Sochi Olympics in 2014 was a watershed moment as the first time individual athletes as well as entire teams turned to crowd-funding in the pursuit of Olympic glory. With platforms such asMakeAChamp,, DreamFuel and RallyMe on the rise, I anticipate crowd-funding will be a major source of financial compensation for athletes. The U.S. Ski And Snowboard Association has already raised over a million dollars for its athletes on RallyMe.

Do more than simply cheer women athletes on when they win championships…..

As Alison Levine said to me “Let’s not just salute these women — let’s PAY THEM.”

Turn your vocal outrage into being a vocal season-ticket holding fan of theNational Women’s Soccer League and/or Women’s National Basketball Association. In 2008, Ginny Gilder took her competitive drive and passion for sports onto the basketball court, joining with fellow civic leaders Lisa Brummel and Dawn Trudeau, to purchase the WNBA’s Seattle Storm.

Don’t just show-up with your support at the final game of the season, show up every game day.

A suggestion from Ginny — “if you want to support female athletes, go to your daughter’s games as frequently as you do your son’s, in elementary, middle, high school, college and beyond.”


Since publishing my column on, another opportunity to help an elite female athlete:

Julia Landauer, NYC-native racecar driver, is hitting the local NASCAR circuit with full force! She made history by winning the first two races of the 2015 season and is now reaching out to all of us to help her bring Julia Landauer Racing to the next level. I’ve joined #TeamJulia on IndieGoGo and I hope you will too! You can see her video and campaign at

J. Kelly Hoey

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networking expert, podcast host and author of “Build Your Dream Network”

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