No Plan B Edition

One of the best pieces of advice I received from a mentor was — there should be no Plan B. Why is this great advice? Because if you’re busy thinking about Plan B, your focus and energy is not laser focused on successfully executing Plan A.
I thought of this advice (again) when I was in Detroit last week for the Tomorrow Tour. Brilliantly organized by Comcast NBCUniversal and, the Tomorrow Tour is a multi-city event series that connects entrepreneurs, technologists, social enterprises, policymakers and new thinkers, uncovering stories fueling startup growth and shaping cities of the future. With stops already in Philadelphia, Denver, Miami and Chicago (next stop is Atlanta on March 23), Detroit was truly a highlight. Why? The scrappy, determined entrepreneurs who have weathered the mortgage crisis, global economic downturn and bankruptcy of the city, yet remain passionately committed to Detroit. These entrepreneurs are not only building technology companies — they HAVE built great companies for years, and these entrepreneurs are filling in the civic gaps and building the support the city needs — from coffee shops to day care to resource networks for this next chapter of Detroit’s economic history.

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You may want to plan on being in Detroit on Sunday, April 17 for Detroit SOUP. While there are many models on how to bring together a community to support entrepreneurs, Detroit SOUP has been able to create its own unique model to do this, for the betterment of the city. SOUP is:

  • a collaborative situation
  • a public dinner
  • a platform for connection
  • a theatrical environment
  • a democratic experiment in micro-funding
  • a relational hub bringing together various creative communities
  • a forum for critical but accessible discussion
  • an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit

And their imaginative model has spread to 134 other communities, too.
If you’ve got a healthcare startup, you’ll want to get involved in Hacking Health Windsor and Detroit, a unique cross-border collaboration looking to break down barriers to healthcare innovation by bringing together IT and healthcare professionals across the US-Canada border to collaborate, dream up & design apps for patient-centric care. Here’s where you can find more information on this hackathon taking place May 13–15 at the University of Windsor.

#StartedByHer Women’s History Month Girl Economic Power Trivia!

Question: Which New York City borough has the most women-owned businesses?

Answer: Brooklyn.

WIn 2012, Brooklyn surpassed Manhattan as the borough with the most women-owned businesses in the city. Brooklyn was home to 118,489 women-owned firms, compared to 114,896 in Manhattan, 97,982 in Queens, 68,705 in the Bronx and 13,921 in Staten Island. But Brooklyn is third among all boroughs when it comes to total employment at women-owned businesses. 
Read more on how women entrepreneurs are making significant contributions to the New York City economy in Breaking Through: Harnessing The Economic Power Of Women Entrepreneurs a new study made possible through Capital One’s Future Edge Initiative. Join the conversation with me on line @jkhoey @YourFutureEdge #StartedByHer

Success isn’t about comparing yourself to others- it comes down to acknowledging your strengths and combining them with work that you truly enjoy. — Jennifer Johnson Scalzi on insightful takeaways from Being Greater Than: Accenture’s International Women’s Day Celebration.

If you’re looking to develop new skills and/or flex your strengths in a new job opportunity, join Skillcrush for their #DreamJobSummit on March 16 and 17. It’s free and it’s online. Learn how to navigate the job search AND land a job that you actually love doing. My session “How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job” is today at 1:30 pm EST. Sign Up now!

AND, I’m back at Apple for a Meet The Author conversation with Elmira Bayrasli, on Tuesday, March 29 at 8:00 a.m. (yes, bright and early folks) for a conversation on the challenges of (plus advantages) and lessons to be learned from entrepreneurs starting companies outside of the usual tech hubs.

The digital era is a unique opportunity for women to change the rules. This is message French entrepreneur Catherine Barba is bringing when she holds her successful Women In Innovation Forum in New York City on April 21. Catherine is a serial entrepreneur and digital pioneer. In 2015 she was named one of 50 most influential figures in Europe’s digital economy (Inspiring Fifty) and in 2014 one of 3 most influential female figures in France. A champion for women entrepreneurs, you’ll want to nab your ticket now for #WinforumNY. Psss — tickets are free for students and only $40 (plus taxes) if you’re not a student so this is a power-packed forum at a very inspired price.

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