Obsessions Edition — Part 2

Woke up to an email from the founder of NourishWise, a Nashville TN-based startup. Jason was emailing in response to my recent “obsessions” newsletter. It is always satisfying to know someone reads — let alone the content resonates — but when they are driven to action, well, this is the motivation to keep pumping out content weekly. Motivate one person, that is more than enough to keep going.

IN case you missed the Obsessions Edition, I was obsessing primarily on cauliflower. The super-flexible-fabulous-food that bored my culinary interests until this recently. Food 52 has an amazing whole baked cauliflower recipe which I improvised with an online recipe into a dip…and now Jason and the NourshWise team has provided the nutrition facts:

Calories 210

Calories from Fat 140

Total Fat 15g / 23%

Saturated Fat 2.5g / 12%

Trans Fat 0 *g

Cholesterol < 5mg / 1%

Sodium 2180mg / 91%

Carbohydrates 12g /4%

Dietary Fiber 3g / 12%

Sugars 4g

Protein 5g

Vitamin A IU 6%

Vitamin C mg 110%

Calcium mg 8%

Iron mg 8%

Some notes/asterisks to include with the NourishWise analysis:

*estimated 2 tbsp parsley for serving

*estimated 2 tbsp scallions for serving

*estimated 2.5 cups (20 ounces) of Food 52’s broth for cooking cauliflower

*estimated for 5 servings and you would add 52 calories per serving with 10 baby carrots.

Thanks Jason, and see you + NourishWise team in Nashville at 36/86 again this year.