Sit Back And Enjoy The Time Edition

Heavy weekend traffic heading east out on Long Island is bliss when you’re not the driver and you reframe the 3+ hours as found time. Three hours to do….what? Close your eyes? Dream? Simply watch the scenery? Flip through one of the many past editions of ELLE, Wired or Vogue that have been stacking up in your apartment? In the always connected and scheduled world, I confess I’m one of those people who doesn’t begrudge the time spent:

  • Waiting in the Dr’s Office, as I have no other place to be, not a soul can find me (other than the Doc or her receptionist) and there is likely a past issue of some magazine or another that I have not read.
  • On flights without wifi as being unreachable for a block of time is, well, so rare (same goes for the train or bus where the wifi experience is so miserable it is best to assume it doesn’t exist).
  • Making risotto — it’s all about the 40 or so minutes of attentive stirring.

Found time is like finding spare change in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t put on in a while. Unexpected and while not life changing, it is a delightful, “what should I do with this” moment.

El tiempo es buen consejero, y sabe desengañar
[Translation: Time is a good counselor and an eye-opener ]

I drink my Tequila neat (or in a Margarita on-the-rocks, equal parts Tequila, Triple Sec and fresh lime juice and please, salt the rim). I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Mexico and have a love affair with the country not only for the Tequila or Chiles Rellenos or my phenomenal god-daughter, but mostly because of the people — their generosity of spirit, pride of culture and continued warm embrace of the networking time well-spent saying hello / how are you before jumping into business. Then there is the innovation and creativity of the entrepreneurs I have discovered or been introduced to over the past 15 years since my initial trip to Mexico City (most recent case in point — The Sophie Bag). Before you ask, Mistico is my favorite luchador and yes, I can’t wait to receive my Donald Trump pinata.

“Life Is Too Short For A Bad Pen”

In a column on I gathered together quotes from 35 entrepreneurs. Gold star to the observant readers who noticed all of the entrepreneurs I quoted were women.

Time on your hands is time worth spent checking out:

  • Jacob Lawerence’s Migration Series at the MoMA or waiting in line for a seat on Sunday evening for a SummerGarden performance.
  • Keep on Truckin’ blocks, trucks & art workshops at Hayground Camp in Bridgehampton, NY.
  • Wayne Sutton’s Funding Diverse Startup Founders campaign on Indiegogo. $100,000 is being raised to match a $100,000 challenge pledge to support minority-founded startups.
  • Past-episodes of Bianca. Media entrepreneur Bianca de la Garza is blowing up weekend late-night TV and you don’t need to be the last to jump on her fan bandwagon.

Time flies when you’re pivoting life, career direction and having fun doing it.

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