How to effectively communicate design patterns to developers

Written by Jimmy Dyer and Josh Kimmell

War, divorce, bad user experience…

Poor communication can be blamed for all three. In software development, ineffective communication between teams often leads to a tragic outcome: incomplete and unusable user interfaces.

Communication between designers and developers on a team is critical to the success of a project. In a world where the user experience is arguably more important than architecture and features, each disparate contributor must strive to work with others as one team to deliver a delightful experience for a common user. Setting expectations and being transparent with team members is a large part of that. Unfortunately…

Imposter syndrome, the feeling that you have landed in a position for which you’re not qualified, inflicts designers and developers at all levels of experience. But rest assured, it is a common and treatable condition.

Having worked for more than two decades as a designer, a mentor, and a manager, I’ve seen it time and time again. It happens to even highly experienced professionals: an art director with decades of experience making the move from an ad agency to a product design team; a developer transitioning into a UX design role; a recent college grad with loads of hands-on experience…

Josh Kimmell

Design Lead @ IBM

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