How Unbundling Twitter and Launching Topic-Based Communities Will Win.
Eric Willis

Great idea — though I’d need more info on how the Channels are curated to understand if this will REALLY provide value to me such that I’d feel happy to abandon the list + Hootsuite setup that I’ve used forever. I’d need to be sold on:

  • Who creates Channels? What’s the political bent or depth of knowledge of these people? Can I trust their judgment to match my hopes and dreams?
  • If I don’t like what I see in my Channels, can I give feedback so the curation mechanism gets smarter about my specific interests within a Channel? For example, maybe I only like the Golden State Warrios b/c of Steph Curry, and I don’t want to subscribe to a SC channel b/c then I get too much lifestyle stuff and not enough game stats. (Not a true example — I thought the Warriors were a college team until like yesterday.)
  • Twitter’s true beauty is how deep you can go down the specific, weird, totally unique-to-you rabbit hole of interests. Will your Channels maintain that? Or will some of that magic self-serve discovery dust be lost in curation?
  • How does content get pulled into a Channel?
  • Is the algorithm smart enough to filter out irrelevant stuff like euphemisms, wordplay or vague hashtags?
  • Can I follow Channels in a Hootsuite-type of dashboard in the same way that I’ve grown accustomed to using my lists? The UI is nearly as important as the content, in terms of consumability (did I just make up that word?). Any kind of structured data interface is a step above the wild west of the raw Twitter stream.

Sell us more on the how of Channels and maybe we’ll buy.

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