Gay, Gay, Flip-Flappity Gay

Queers and Black people throughout Florida are hunted by a forty-something deranged Trumpish governor who is also re-writing the state’s voting districts to ensure he stays in power until he gets to the White House, where he will in quick manner screw us all.

Governor Ronnie DeSantis came to power on the coattails of the bloated raving white supremacist Donald Trump, now ensconced in Florida where he is the Republican boss-hog, or he plays like he is. At times DeSantis reveals a more devilish side, making Trump look like Bob Dole. Don’t get it wrong, Trump is still boss-hog, but no hog squeals forever.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on any given day

Gov. DeSantis, a younger less fatty man with a real head of hair and a love for culture warring is taking Trumpism to an outlandish level in the sunshine state, and in the process sending it spiraling out of control.

The Root has reported on Gov. DeSantis’s racist, hateful antics for a good two years, along with his Christianist partner in crime Texas Governor Greg Abbott. See more about the Texas crusading governor here.

There is much stuff DeSantis wants to distract Floridians from, such as a massive fold on covid19 with the state flatlining at 67 percent fully vaccinated against the global killer. (Though DeSantis, did use the pandemic to fuel hatred of federal government and its safety protocol protections.)

The state suffers one environmental disaster after another like near toxic catastrophe at Tampa Bay, manatees starving to death on the Atlantic side, and the governor encouraging violation of federal caps on emissions from toxic waste plants, pickup trucks, monster trucks, motorcycles, jeeps, Range Rovers, and more pickup trucks. Indeed Gov. DeSantis implemented tax breaks and benefits for people who purchase the planet-killers. It’s diabolical.

DeSantis harbors a lust for guns and is always carrying. In Florida most adults are given tax incentives to arm themselves. It is all part of DeSantis’s “Free Florida” agenda. I wish he meant free Florida from the U.S., but no such luck, DeSantis does hate the federal government just not that much. The governor desires some federal government largesse like tax breaks and benefits for businesses, and he’ll always take federal government weapons for state cops.

Gov. DeSantis is presiding over a state in rapid decline, and he is helping to accelerate its demise in the most hateful ways possible, at the same time building national “capital” for a potential presidential run.

Richard Nixon aka Tricky Dick Nixon via “Nixonland” by Rick Perlstein

Culture wars are distractions employed by the right-wing since forever, but Richard Nixon is a good place to start for modern era. The culture wars, however, are harmful and have lasting impact on the people demonized by them.

DeSantis’s culture war driven agenda is killing Black people, LBTQ people, and their families and networks. No discussion of LGBTQ life in public schools, no transgender kids can play in school and or college sports. DeSantis via his bully pulpit often demonizes Transgender people. Moreover, cops throughout the state hunt and terrorize Black people. Their communities are torn apart and shipped into the state’s for-profit prison system, just the thing DeSantis gets off on, and he’s building more of them whenever and wherever possible.

DeSantis is taking action to ensure he stays in power until he decides to launch his presidential run, and to keep Republican seats in the state safe.

He has proposed a rigged voting map to further weaken the Black vote in the state and created a new “election police force,” as The Root notes. Both actions are outlandish and if challenged in federal court would likely be invalidated as a violation of civil rights and the Constitution.

But DeSantis may not care, like most of his actions cruelty is the point and damn everything else.




Queer, atheist, lover of cats, & Sitney frm Laos. I spent 26 yrs in “progressive” D.C. nonprofits. Socialism/Collectivism, & music (music)

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Jeremy Leaming

Jeremy Leaming

Queer, atheist, lover of cats, & Sitney frm Laos. I spent 26 yrs in “progressive” D.C. nonprofits. Socialism/Collectivism, & music (music)

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