U.S. Capitalism a Unique Bloody Business in Need of Cleaning

Ruthless Capitalism and Competition Divide People, Allowing White Supremacists to Run the Show

Whether we like or not we are all we have, there is no divinity to swoop in and save humanity let alone the planet.

Division in the U.S. and many other countries around the world is succeeding in keeping humanity mired in wars, hate, violence, a never-ending loop of it. A few caring people want to break out of the loop, but U.S. capitalism is fueled by ruthless competition, and division among people allows the two conservative parties to conquer and forever stifle progress let along substantial sea change.

Since its birth the U.S. has trumpeted love of property, ruthless capitalism infused with evangelical Christianity, love of guns and war, topped with never-ending white supremacy.

As Michael Harriot notes the mass killing of Black people at a grocery store in Buffalo is typical, not outlier action in the U.S.

A young white boy with easy access to guns, because white people get guns whenever they want no matter how nutty and whitey they are, caught up in rightwing “great replacement theory,” gunned down as many Black people and children as he could before he was disrupted by a security guard. When the cops finally got to the grocery store, Tops, on a Saturday in May, they apprehended the whitey, who travelled about two hours to Buffalo to bring terror to another Black community besieged in a white supremacist nation.

Harriot writes, the “great replacement theory,” an increasingly popular notion that America’s white majority is being intentionally replaced by a multiracial, multi-ethnic population.

While more Americans are becoming aware of the theory, it is not new. It is the same concept that once made interracial marriage illegal, spawned Jim Crow and motivated southern segregationists to switch to the Republican party. At its foundation lies the desperate attempt to preserve and maintain control based on nothing more than being born into whiteness. It is about white power. Unfortunately (for the white majority), the only way to preserve white power is to stop moving forward.

In another piece Cornel West says the former white supremacist president, Donald Trump, might not be roaming the streets drunk with a gun shooting Black people but he might as well be with his nonstop rhetoric riling up the punisher flag crowd, the Oath Keeper crowd, blue-line flag suburban filth, and law-and-order bootlickers from coast to coast.

Ruthless capitalism does not sleep with daily killings of Black people at the hands of young white supremacists.

Black people in the U.S. suffer trauma worrying about their loved ones — will they make it through the day without being harassed by a white person or killed by a cop or both. Most white people as many studies have revealed are born believing they are cops.

The Guardian notes that the killings of Black and Brown people by cops has accelerated since George Floyd’s murder in 2020 by a white supremacist cop (redundant). Democrats love symbolism and that’s all they provide around the institutionalized racism and white supremacy. They pray for Black families, meet with them, and promise action to root out racist cops.

President Joe Biden signed and an executive order suggesting “reforms” of federal policing on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. The useless executive order fails to touch on state cop departments, which do receive weapons from the federal government. It should not stun that centrists continue to protect the status quo, thus making them an appendage of the white supremacist party or the Republican Party.

Capitalism also perpetuates the uneven playing field, the constant denial of wealth and reparations, for Black people. The U.S. government federal and state continues to hold the status quo, which is to deny Black people wealth and the means to attain it. Black people account for a disproportionate share of the U.S. poor, and it has been this way forever and that’s a long time. The thing is the federal government or more specifically the executive branch could via executive order pay out reparations and start the ball rolling on undoing racist policy and an outlandish injustice. But milquetoast Joe will never mention this.

See this The Guardian piece on research revealing that Black people cannot afford to live in urban areas in the U.S. (poor people in general cannot, but disproportionately Black people are unable to afford livelihoods in urban areas.)

“More than 90% of neighborhoods in America’s major cities were unaffordable to the majority of local Black residents at the start of the pandemic, according to a new study on the worsening housing crisis in urban regions across the US,” the new research shows.

The National Equity Atlas, a research initiative focused on racial and economic equity, compared rents and wages in the 100 most populous American metropolitan regions in 2019 and examined whether the majority of households of different racial groups made enough income to afford median market rents in their neighborhoods.”

The piece continues that the research finds:

Only 7% of zip codes in the top 100 metro areas had rents that were affordable to Black residents of those cities in 2019, while 69% of zip codes were affordable to white households.

Forty-eight metro areas in the list had no zip codes at all that were affordable to Black residents.

Only 16% of zip codes in the list had rents that were affordable to Latinx households.

Twelve metro areas had zero zip codes with affordable rents for Latinx households, including Los Angeles, Orlando and Miami, cities with large Latinx populations.

India Walton, a community leader in Buffalo and a socialist mayoral candidate, told Jacobin the city’s racist leadership has ensured Black people remain mired in poverty, with no help.

Buffalo is racist. Buffalo is racially segregated. There’s a line that separates those who have from those who have not, and that is Main Street. Anything east of Main Street is where 85 percent of the black folks in the city live. It’s been that way.

Buffalo was segregated by design. I keep referring to where mortgages are originated, because there’s very little lending happening on the East Side. There are no banks, there are no grocery stores. There are very few resources.

I spent a lot of time the last decade of my life talking about concentrated poverty and disadvantage. That is the reason why health outcomes are poor. That is the reason why educational attainment is lower, and why unemployment is higher.

Meanwhile, Amherst, a first-ring suburb of Buffalo, has been dubbed the safest community in the country. It’s not because there are more police there. It’s because there are more resources, and you have a lot of highly educated homeowners who probably can’t throw a rock without hitting a grocery store — while in Buffalo we’ve been told that we should be grateful for Tops on Jefferson with its rotten produce.

India Walton remains a powerful voice and viable leader in Buffalo, where the current mayor is misinforming the city and nation about the Tops’ grocery market mass shooting, trying to blame the mass killing on an “outsider.”

It’s not a good look, and as Walton told Jacobin, this will not end under current circumstances.

Socialists and leftists throughout the country need to realize centrists or Joe Biden and Joe Manchin are not going to transform the U.S., they are defenders of the way things are and the status quo must be broken before sea change in a white supremacist country can occur.



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