Ain’t My Fault : Zara Larsson — LCS Single Review

Zara Larsson, a fresh start for the popular music genre

Upon hearing the new single by this upstart singer, I wasn’t really expecting anything other than all of the regular content that I had already heard before. The lyrics about crushing over a boy/girl, the simple drum line that this popular music is now known for, a synthesized brass instrument that would save the artist and the producers money from calling in a talented musician. I feel as if this music is too much trying to copy the popular musicians that are already established, like Ariana Grandé, with her using an actual trumpet in her single ‘Focus’. With ‘Ain’t My Fault’, there is too much similarity between this and a song that was released by other pop musicians a year or two ago. I understand that music is a copycat league like most things in this world, but there needs to be something else added other than prosthetic claps, the predictable build up to the chorus with the fading in synth instruments and the cut out spoken words that sounds like the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

As the bell rung on the start of the song, the thought that first came to mind was ‘another school yard anthem that a teenager the wrong side of 16 is using to try and recapture going to university rather than pursing a music career’. Then the synth and processed trumpets kick in along with the exceptional vocals of Ms. Larsson. The changing between the singing and sort-of rapping/quick singing is a performers nightmare, but Zara pulls it off quite well. Wouldn’t like to fathom how many takes it took or how much editing went into this one section. The eventual build-up section then kicks in which is something that we have all heard before, so no need to dive too much how they made me feel. The school yard lyrics and association with popular trends resemble too much of someone that had their ideas fed to them and not someone who is looking to be a different artist, no matter how much they try to cover the unoriginal style of song.

Although the previously unnoticed artist has had the backing from such producers as Claude Kelly, she still has a long way to go before she is a true breakthrough act. This track is ultimately a copy of what the previously up-and-coming popular culture acts would release and until something is changed in the formula, then this is the exact same way we will see popular culture artists rise to fame. It doesn’t matter how many big artists you collab with (ahem…MNEK…ahem). The only way that someone like Zara Larsson is going to capture the music worl is if she stops living in other pop stars shadows.

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