Drum Sound & Bassline Smith : Catch Me Here feat. Conor Maynard — LCS Single Review

New YouTube man Conor Maynard trying his hand at D&B

Since the debut and rising of Conor Maynard back in 2012, the UK based talent has departed from the stardom of the British Pop Music scene to chase popularity on YouTube, where he initially found his fame, recently releasing an album solely produced by himself, rewriting his reputation into one of us “bedroom producers” at the tender age of 23. Although Conor looks to re-establish his roots on YouTube (through the help of YT symbols such as Casper Lee and Joe Sugg), his passion for the producing side of music seems to burn just as bright, eminent from this D&B track released by Drumsound and Bassline Smith.

After a typical slow start to the track and an introduction to Maynard’s vocals, the production factor of the two DJs starts to come into play with overlaying vocals and the rising synth dropping into a hard-hitting chorus. Standard D&B sound and song with the predictable lyrics of running from an ever present threat, be it a crazy ex, crazy boss, crazy parents or crazy life. With Maynard becoming more of a presence in the online video streaming world again, it seems futile that he is still chasing this deluded dream of once again hitting the charts. He could wear the t-shirt that says he has already been there and done that, but I like an artist with optimism. However, if he plans to hit the D&B charts with something that has never been heard before, I don’t think that this track is the way to do that. For Conor to truly break into a different genre, and I can’t believe I am saying this, but Chip (previously known as Chipmunk to all you 2010 pop listening millennials) is the best example for breaking back into a genre, his being the grime scene. Start a beef with Matt Cardle and really give something for everyone to remember you by.

I’m joking obviously, but for his career to suddenly become relevant again, Conor needs to find bigger artists to work with, or risk becoming a footnote of a D&B DJ’s legacy. “And I’d like to thank the contribution of Conor Maynard, for truly adding sublime 2000 style vocals to an already repeated piece of drums, synth and piano.” As far a DrumSound and Bassline Smith go for enrolling a forgotten talent, good on you. Maybe you can look to recruit Craig David and bandwagon his comeback tour in the next decade.