Izzy Bizu : White Tiger — LCS Single Review

An Up-and-Comer in the UK Soul Genre

The UK soul scene is slow rejuvenating itself after the days of Joss Stone, Estelle and Tom Jones, with new artists gradually realizing that once dead trends are suddenly the latest trends. Very Hipster! The soul genre is something that has culminated many collabs with mainstream genres and has slowly been forgotten because of the annoyingly growing pop scene. Soul is a beautiful and alluring style and Izzy Bizu is soon to become a front runner in bringing it back with a sweetly vocalized vengeance.

The new instruments that have found their way into Soul will definitely progress it into a revolutionary stage. The overall production of this song is a fantastic job performed by Epic Records. The piano, synth drums, claps and real drums is everything that screams a happy-go-lucky song that will make you want to get up and jump around like the maniacs in those old I-Tunes commercials. The slow and fast combinations in this song are perfectly executed and adamantly demonstrate the changing moods and styles of Soul. The lyrics are good enough to be remembered and are begging to be remixed by a big time producer to be played in the Ibiza and Kavos nightclubs for the bucket-hat wearing maniacs that smoke way too much marijuana and call the new Bieber material ‘a banger’. The vocal energy of Bizu isn’t something to be overlooked, however, despite the fantastic production of the song. For a 22-year old who has already had the big stage thrown in front of her and supported some of the UK’s leading music acts, her vocals don’t falter the overall quality of the song and, somehow, make a great song even better. Whatever the future holds for this young prodigal talent, I’m sure that it is a very prosperous and bright future.

Ms. Bizu is truly bringing the UK Soul genre back onto the map, and making it a force to be reckoned with in the overall UK Music Scene. As long as Epic Records continue to let her showmanship and talent flourish naturally, there is nothing that this artsit cannot accomplish. Although, she has conquered most of the main tasks on her bucket list already, she should still aim for the stars. She gets the mainstream radio play that her songs are craving, and the only way is up from there. Because stars are nothing, first, without an explosion.