Lady Gaga : Perfect Illusion — LCS Single Review

Always had the up-most respect for those artist who have started with producing their own music. Lady Gaga was probably one of the first to do this in the popular culture and, although it can be argued that some of her music is not proper listening materiel for the younger generation, she has consistently followed up on performing hit after hit and keeping her audience interested. ‘Perfect Illusion’ is not doubt going to be something that is preliminary of a worldwide released album that is once again going to take the world by storm. Her production skills cannot be matched and with the help Mark Ronson and Kevin Parker in her corner, it seems like Gaga-mania is still going and looks to only further the artist’s prospects and career.

The cohesion of the guitars and synthesizers and guitars at the start of the track is not doubt something that Ronson and Parker convinced a previously instrumental style Gaga to pursue. It adds another dynamic to what had been a very stale and bland style that Gaga had continued since the early days of ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Telephone’. Along with the original style of Gaga, with the processed drums and ever present dance type instrumentals that had made the Lady so relevant in the first place. The quality of the vocals has really been enhanced with the help of Ronson, and it needed to be. I feel as if the overall quality of Gaga’s vocals had been lost to the instruments and mostly been focused on how the instruments demonstrate the pain, glee or sorrow that she is feeling. On a completely unrelated note, Taylor Kinney. There are some reports that this is a shot at him because they have recently broken up. Now this would be something that reaches a episode of Coronation Street, but to be written into a song from an artist who has found success in TV, Film and Fashion, without an actor that has found only limited success, along with her ever growing music career? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Gaga is truly resurfaced with this new take on her career and if she keeps rolling with this new crowd of producers, who knows what type of songs she will be coming out with next? The addition of a more alternative genre in her music will open the door for more fans to enjoy and more collaborations with up and coming artist who will truly benefit from performing with such an influential icon such as Gaga and not someone who has already found success with their own music (Beyoncé).

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