Mike Posner : Be As You Are — LCS Single Review

Mike Posner, A monumental comeback

A lot of people have suffered the backlash of the limelight in the past few decades: Freddie Mercury, Michael Hutchence, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston. Most just couldn’t handle the the party lifestyle, succumb to drugs, suicide or, most recently, depression. This could have been the case for Mike Posner, having not been comfortable with being the famous singer/rapper/songwriter catalyst that had taken the world by storm. He suffered from a serious case of depression and spiraled into a critical moment in his early and illustrious career. He has now recovered and has released a rejuvenating ballad that, unlike other modern songs in this era, tells a real story of the singer’s lifestyle and how it affected them to write and believe in themselves.

As with most ballads, it starts with the piano and voice combination to fully immerse the listener in the problems that Posner had to face, not forgetting that the bass drum in the background is slowly building the track, like a crescendo in an orchestra symphony. The music fades in an out to keep you interested and not make a monotone nightmare, making sure that the lyrics really capture emotions, tell stories, create wonder and fully open the mind to what Posner will do next. The lyrics portray the pain and resurgence that plagued and liberated Posner’s mind and thoughts, something I’m sure that he had brewing since his time in the spotlight. A hidden message of motherly love becomes ever prominent when the chorus is reflected a words spoken by Posner’s mother, initially. Probably over-exaggerated, but songs are like movies or fantasy television shows. They supersede all reality and submerge one’s mind into an Eden of nothing being impossible; you are able to fight those bullies, you will get the job promotion, you will finish that last slice of pepperoni pizza!! Something to look forward to whenever you place in your earphones or play a song so loud on speakers you can’t hear your neighbors banging a broom on the wall telling you to be quiet.

Posner has made monumental progress since his collapse. If only stars of today that are going through problems would take a leaf out of Mike Posner’s book of Fame. No doubt this song and self produced album (with the help of Terefe) will reach it’s way back into the spotlight. But I think that last thing that Michael Robert Posner wants, right now, is more of the media attention put onto him. Save that for the freaks and wannabes of these staged low-grade talent shows…