Skepta : Konnichiwa — LCS Single Review

Skepta making a much anticipated comeback after the success of Shutdown

I saw Skepta when he came on as Drake’s special guest at Wireless Festival 2015. The place literally nearly burned to the ground with all of the fire that was going on. Two of the biggest names in their respected genres in Skepta’s hometown, the gig went nuts!! So just from that perspective, it’s safe to say that Skepta is a household name in the UK Grime scene as well as all of the members of BBK, so you would expect this single to blow the roof off his original work. And that it has.

The production is revolutionary to the grime scene. The overall BBK production on the singles and albums, purely working off the JME album Integrity, has never faltered and only looks to get better with time. There is nothing in the grime scene today that can come close to the quality and style that has been perfected with the entire BBK production line. The samples are on point, every instrument can be heard excellently, the vocals take the front seat of the song as usual and the songwriting from Skepta is as complete as it has ever been. As usual, the part given by Skepta is short, sweet and to the point. Telling it like it is, telling stories and issuing a warning to anybody that looks to take what he has taken so long to build. As the track adds new concepts through the song and starts with the perfect samples in the beginning, the song shows that he is reintroducing himself, just in-case anybody forgot who Skepta was and still is. It seems fitting to name this song as a ‘Hello’ or greeting to make everyone listen to it. Even the lyrics add a ‘by now…’ as if there should be a remembrance of Skepta’s work and how he has changed the entire face of UK Grime and made it, not only a non-chart odyssey, but gives the UK something to be proud of, apart from One Direction, Fish and Chips and Simon Cowell. It adds a historic angle to getting UK on the worldwide music map, without using cheap staged talent shows to sky rocket the one-track-has-bins.

I will personally listen to the entire ‘Konnichiwa’ album for pure enjoyment, because of the utmost respect that I have for Skepta and his music. He has stuck to the shadows of the music business and has become very successful by doing so. Grime isn’t a mainstream business, and that’s the way that it should stay. it should continue to be the silent patriot that sounds off against the hypocritical and plastic UK pop scene that has dominated the charts. Not chart toppers, but in a different league all on it’s own.