Two Door Cinema Club : Bad Decisions — LCS Single Review

All music these days somehow maintains it’s own personal image, with Punk-Pop rocking the tight jean converse look, Hardcore still sticking with the make up and knee high lace up boots and pop just being stupid. The landscape seems to have shifted with how the latest visuals of the band is expressing the sound of the band and not the actual music, i.e. Kanye, and Two Door Cinema club relinquishes no exception to this concept. With the release of their latest track Bad Decision which is part of their latest studio album Gameshow, the video seems to take up most of the songs duties and appears like it is all about the visual concept, rather than taking a production initiative and focusing on what makes a song important.

No doubt. The overall production on this song is something that will have Rick Rubin coming up with new ways that he can re-energize his career. The drums are full, heavy and compliment the bassline brilliantly, the clean stoccatoed guitar will make the millennial alternative and mod-rock listener have a sound-gasm and the synth that rings in your right ear throughout the chorus will make you forget the awful effects that follow on in the guitar solo directly after. But the lyrics. The god-damned lyrics. I have a feeling that the main contributes to kid-pop and the guy who co-created the unicorn had something to do with writing this song. They make little to no sense, have zero direction and are hardly sung but squeaked through a microphone. It’s alright though, because, inevitably, when this song is played live, the other material that this band is famous for will shine through and be a remembrance point. Yeah. I don’t know any of their material either.

The 3 piece band seems to have grasped the idea of relating to pop culture, and looks like they are trying to capture an audience through all media outlets, be it video games, television, radio, whatever. However, personally, as I have been a follower of the popular culture trends, with social media becoming a booming business in the new decade, writing songs about it, unless it’s funny, appears to me as a pointless and meaningless task to accomplish. If this is what song ideas has been narrowed down to, then the future of songwriting in popular music genres looks bleak, grim and downright embarrassing to be a part of.