As we make the transition from buying music to streaming music I can't help but think how commoditized the entire experience has become. Rdio, Apple Music, Spotify offer roughly the same 30 million tracks with the same ridiculous search box interface.

I recently read Benedict Evan's take on music curation(it's *very good* you should open it on a separate tab) and he absolutely nailed music streaming's abstraction:

“how do we take a commodity in a database (web pages, music tracks) and layer curation and recommendation in ways that are more usable and friendly than just giving people a search box and pushing them out of the door?”

Remember when Twitter had opened a firehose of data and allowed anyone to build a client that interacted with their service? All of a sudden we had a plethora of different ways to connect to the same service. How cool is that!

Apple Music: They can fully integrate into iOS and, by extension, a bunch of sensors(Apple Music was introduced as a firmware update instead of as a separate app). An Appstore that can interact with Apple music would be extremely empowering. Ex: Fitness app that builds me a playlist in tune to my BPM.

Disclaimer: I'm fully aware that Apple loves having a strong grasp on it's UX and would allow something like this only on niche cases.

Spotify: Look at all the cool things people have built on top of Spotify! I'd almost give it a 10/10 but I want to see it become the Cyanogen of music streaming.

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