Take a deep breath. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system. At this moment, neither fight nor flight is possible. Instead, attention, observation, reflection. At least for a moment. And then another.


How much room is there for your own thoughts? Without news, Twitter, video conferencing, podcasts, radio, Instagram, push notifications of breaking news. Between work emails, having fun with the kids, slalom walking while shopping, arguments with your partner, household chaos. Maybe five minutes? That would be a start.


Why do they all have an answer? What’s happening. Where this is going. What will be different after the crisis. That the crisis is far from over. What needs to happen now. When it will start again. That it has to start again as quickly as possible. Who is successful or unsuccessful in the fight against COVID-19 and why. As if the crisis could be ended immediately with the right answer and everything would quickly return to normal. …


Johannes Kleske

Managing Director of @thirdwaveberlin, Strategic Designer, Futures Researcher, Public Speaker

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