The Singularity has been postponed

There have been a couple of essays and articles recently that, put together, form an interesting perspective on current hot topics like true AI and concepts like the singularity. I stumbled upon this when I wrote an answer to someone, who mentioned a certain Wait-but-Why article on AI without qualifying any of its assumptions.

Here are the articles and essays:

  • I’m pretty sure you’ve seen all the articles about the end of Moore’s law and that it only was a “historically-reliable rule” because the whole semiconductor industry agreed on it as a strategy (and is now abandoning it): The chips are down for Moore’s law
  • The problem with the whole notion of “plagiarizing the brain” is that it is based on a popular but false metaphor about how the brain works. It’s fascinating how much of these ideas fall apart when you realize that the brain doesn’t work like a computer at all (don’t tell Kurzweil): The empty brain
  • And finally: maybe the most well-balanced essay I read about the near future of true AI comes from philosopher Luciano Floridi, who finds a middle ground between technological determinism and what he calls, AItheists: Should we be afraid of AI?

So next time, someone tries to sell you some future based on an exponential version of the present, maybe say “Hold on! Let’s slow things down for a second.” Because there is nothing an accelerationist hates more…

“We are organisms, not computers. Get over it.”

Partner at Third Wave, Strategic Designer, Critical Futures Researcher

Partner at Third Wave, Strategic Designer, Critical Futures Researcher