sketching nine 12" single covers

burst of inspiration

I’ve been planning to do a new solo album for a very long time (see my previous post on running a label). I tend towards ambient, electronic, and minimal techno with my solo music for quite some time now — although since the mid-80's I’ve played just about every kind of music.

However, there’s a sort of pressure involved with me writing a full solo ambient album. I run an ambient label. I have very successful ambient music friends. And finding the time to record is a major struggle.

Then it hit me… skip the full album. I’ve been so massively on a minimal techno dub kick lately: basic channel / maurizio / chain reaction / pole / plastikman / yagya / deepchord / echospace / etc… etc… why not do what I love?

So last Friday at work at lunch… I sketched out nine album covers intended to be 12" singles. Of course, I can’t afford true vinyl — but let’s call them 12" singles, only digital.

Now, I have a goal of recording an A side and a B side. And I’m super inspired by the titles that came rushing to me over that hyper creative lunch session moving circles around in Visio.

I have inspiration. I have the music flowing in my head. I know what instruments and effects will be in play on the first tracks. My bass guitar, space echo, some other bits in my studio. The modular synth will certainly come in use over this series.

I am excited again.Wow — am I excited again.