Murray-baker bridge, peoria, il

the hazards of owning a label

why haven’t I recorded in this long?

I love owning a music label. Truly.

However, there is one downside — I rarely record my own music. There is always another release in the pipeline. Artwork to sort out. Promotional material to write. In my case, the workload is split nicely between three of us. I’m the communication, networking, social butterfly and “glue” and actually “own” the label. Steve does all the graphic work and a lot of the inspiration and ideas. Geoff brings the business sense and gets all the release packages together. We also have someone that helps with the website and that’s a huge relief as I did that for a long time as well.

Even with all that help, I still never record. Day job, family life, just being tired. I’m trying to change that. I’m trying to keep the label as it is, scale what I do back just slightly by re-using and streamlining. We’ve done so many releases now that even with a brand new artist it’s still fairly easy to roll through the entire process.

I also decided to change things up and I’m working on recording a series of singles instead of an entire album. Also, going into a style of music I love that’s a little bit apart from my label. Changing things up is necessary to keep the creative fires going.

I think 2014 will be the year I don’t say I haven’t recorded in many years and instead say it’s been weeks… or days.