1. “Hi I’m Jennie Koch. In my family I have mom dad annoying Ethan grumpy Marlo and Annie the cat. My fave family member is Marlo.”

Here’s an entry from my 2nd-grade notebook.

I’ve got notebooks from 1st-8th grade and, my current notebook, with a map of constellations on the cover.

Since I’m not the best at introductions, I’ll use the format from second-grade.

Hi, my name is Jenna Koch. In my family I have mom, dad, (still) annoying 22-year-old brother, (not-so) grumpy 25-year-old sister, and Rory the cat. My favorite family member is my creepy weird and adorable cat, Rory.


3. Wild, by Troye Sivan.

When I first heard this song, I fell in love with it. I fell in love with all of Troye’s songs. I fell in love with Troye.


Me on Friday night, drinking out of a Curious George mug and binge watching a new series on Netflix.


I have no clue why this says “Starch Spin.” It’s suppose to say “Scratch Spin.”

6. Rory Gilmore

Pc: Bustle

Rory Gilmore is the main character of the famous television show, Gilmore girls. She’s smart, determined and an amazing friend.

Troye Sivan

PC: Ukelele

Troye Sivan is an Australian pop artist, but his music couldn’t be further than the generic Top 40 on the radio. He’s also gay, and LGBT representation is obviously super important to me.

Nettie Stevens

PC: Wikipedia

Nettie Stevens studied genetics and was the first to discover that chromosomes affect a baby’s sex. Because she was female, she did not get credit for her discoveries and instead a male scientist had made the discover later and was praised for his findings. She is reminder to all that we must make sure women are not over looked, in not just science, but all aspects of society.

7. “We’re alive. We have words and shapes and ideas. We will throw them at you when you do not believe. We will throw our love and our hate and our failure and success. We’ll split in two right in front of you and be our best and our worst. We’ll lie and tell the truth.”

-A.S King, I Crawl Through It

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