How running made me a better programmer.

Running teaches discipline. You start to push yourself to your absolute limits and when you break those limits you realize how arbitrary they were in the first place. For example, you might hit 3 minutes running non stop and realize that you can push yourself for. another minute and the worst thing that’s gonna happen is you’ll be a little more out of breath. When you’re really in shape you can actually recoup energy just by slowing down and then pick the pace back up to finish the lap. Same to with programming. What I’ve learned is that the majority of it is discipline. You gotta create those little goals for yourself in your head. Try sitting for 3 hours reading documentation, writing some small project to implement the concepts, and if you’re tired instead of stopping all together, just read medium or hacker news or about a new programming paradigm, this will serve as your speed decrease to recouped some of that mental energy. Get another cup of coffee and get back right at it after 20 minutes or so. Every time you feel like stopping remind yourself about that high you get every time you reach a milestone. I go for duration when I run. I get a high when I reach 1 minute, a bigger high when I reach 2 minutes, and so forth. The high from each milestone serves as a propulsion mechanism to swing me to the next one. It’s about momentum. Practice this for a few days and I promise you, you’ll be unstoppable.

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