Moral of the story. Hard work pays off I think.

I woke up this morning, made myself some coffee, opened up my computer and checked to see how much money I had in open bets. Staring at my terminal window, i realized quickly that it was going to be a good day as It turned out that my bovada bot had turned over 1.6K over the last week and netted me $146 in profit. That’s a nice 9% roi for the week, and things are looking great with plenty of action (45 open bets totaling $320) currently in play. Now it’s time to start hustling for some customers. I switch to a new terminal window, type cd development/email_engine/send_emails, run npm start, and suddenly i’m messaging people about the bot i built that mines emails off instagram. At this point it’s just a waiting game. I go downstairs, make some breakfast, pack up my laptop in my bag, and go off to the beach for the next few hours. I’ll then find some coffee shop by the beach, check to see if anyone has messaged me regarding the bot, and reply then and there hopefully securing a sale or two. When i get bored of doing absolutely nothing, i’ll start hustling on freelance gigs as consistency is key to keep my skills in check. It turns out being a slave at my computer for 2 plus years really did buy me time now and believe me, i’m happy to be cashing in.